About - skahn


I'd describe myself as a passionate picture-maker always aspiring to create perfect images. While this is never entirely achievable, the journey affords me the opportunity to:


  • preserve memories
  • tell stories
  • meet great people (young & old & in-between)
  • see truly classic, vintage vehicles
  • experience innovative products early-on, and
  • be be-friended by loyal, noble, furry friends (some small, some large, some huge)

Along the way I'm seeking gorgeous light--sometimes "bending" it a bit--to make the pictures the best they can be in front of the camera. Thereafter, I take full advantage of the power of the digital darkroom (who liked those smelly chemicals from the film era anyway?) to make further, appropriate enhancements. While many would describe me as a Photoshop® jock, the software is just another photographic tool that can be incredibly useful.

I'm a techno gadget guy which nicely balances with the more creative aspects of picture-making. Photography is one of few professions that requires BOTH left- and right-brain functionality to achieve success. It's also a feeble "excuse" for acquiring new camera bodies, lenses, lights, printers, computers, etc.

And, I'm a husband, dad (2 young adults--1 of each flavor) and semi-competent dog trainer (2 German Shepherds). I luv  java chip ice-cream, Stone Brewery's® Oaked Arrogant Bastard ale, Kongsgaard chardonnay & Shafer's® red wines, and am constantly trying to avoid them all (but often failing).

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